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What is Bisar 3.0 Shell Software and How to Use It for Pavement Design?

What is Bisar 3.0 Shell Software and How to Use It for Pavement Design?

Bisar 3.0 Shell Software is a computer program developed by Shell Global Solutions that can be used to calculate the stresses and strains in flexible pavement layers under various loading and environmental conditions. It is based on the BItumen Stress Analysis in Roads (BISAR) theory, which is a linear elastic multilayer analysis method that considers the viscoelastic properties of bituminous materials.

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Bisar 3.0 Shell Software can be used for pavement design, evaluation, and research purposes. It can help engineers to optimize the thickness and composition of pavement layers, to assess the performance and durability of existing pavements, and to investigate the effects of different factors such as traffic, temperature, moisture, and subgrade conditions on pavement behavior.

Bisar 3.0 Shell Software is compatible with Windows operating systems and has a user-friendly graphical interface that allows users to input data, run analyses, and view results in various formats. It can handle up to 11 pavement layers with different material properties and thicknesses, and up to 20 load cases with different wheel configurations, tire pressures, and axle loads. It can also account for temperature gradients, moisture variations, and nonlinear subgrade response.

To use Bisar 3.0 Shell Software for pavement design, users need to follow these steps:

  • Define the pavement structure by specifying the number, type, and thickness of each layer.

  • Define the material properties of each layer by selecting from a library of predefined models or entering custom values.

  • Define the load cases by selecting from a library of predefined vehicles or entering custom values.

  • Define the environmental conditions by selecting from a library of predefined climates or entering custom values.

  • Run the analysis by clicking on the "Calculate" button.

  • View the results by selecting from various output options such as graphs, tables, reports, or files.

Bisar 3.0 Shell Software is a powerful and versatile tool that can help engineers to design and evaluate flexible pavements in a reliable and efficient way. It is based on sound theoretical principles and validated by extensive field and laboratory data. It is widely used by pavement professionals around the world and has been updated regularly to incorporate new features and improvements.

If you want to learn more about Bisar 3.0 Shell Software or download a free trial version, you can visit the official website of Shell Global Solutions at

Bisar 3.0 Shell Software is not only useful for pavement design, but also for pavement evaluation and research. It can help engineers to diagnose the causes and extent of pavement distresses, such as cracking, rutting, and fatigue. It can also help engineers to estimate the remaining service life and the rehabilitation needs of pavements. By comparing the results of different scenarios, it can help engineers to select the most cost-effective and sustainable solutions for pavement maintenance and improvement.

Bisar 3.0 Shell Software is also a valuable tool for pavement research and innovation. It can help researchers to test and validate new pavement materials, models, and methods. It can also help researchers to explore the effects of emerging factors such as climate change, traffic growth, and vehicle electrification on pavement performance and durability. By using Bisar 3.0 Shell Software, researchers can enhance their understanding of pavement behavior and develop new knowledge and technologies for the advancement of pavement engineering.

Bisar 3.0 Shell Software is a state-of-the-art program that reflects the expertise and experience of Shell Global Solutions in pavement engineering. It is based on the latest scientific findings and industry standards, and it is continuously updated to incorporate new developments and feedback from users. It is supported by a dedicated team of pavement specialists who provide technical assistance and training to users. It is also part of a comprehensive suite of pavement design software that includes SPDM 3.0, the computerized Shell Pavement Design Method, and BANDS 2.0, Bitumen and Asphalt Nomographs Developed by Shell. e0e6b7cb5c


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