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Gary Moore Still Got The Blues Album Rar


After the War was Moore's last foray into conventional hard rock, and his last rock album of any kind until Dark Days in Paradise in 1997. Starting with his next album, Still Got the Blues, he primarily played blues.

The Man and his Guitar... A humble tribute from this site.Encompass this great artist full career is almost impossible.I have selected no common versions, bonus tracks, extended versions, etc. but also the essentials.As "End Of The World", the guitar work at the beginning is Gary's answer to Eddie V H 'Eruption', his open string hammer-on and pull-off sequence proved he could stand shoulder to shoulder with any six string gunslinger of the '80s.But Moore is moore than that. The beauty of "Empty Rooms" hasn't been unsurpassed yet by any songwriter/guitarist from the modern rock era.Or his ability to compose / perform soulful rockin' blues like the immortal "Still Got The Blues".The awesome "The Messiah Will Come Again" remains as one of his best instrumental interpretations ever.Absurdity good is the quality of the classic "Parisienne Walkways" (on a rare Live version here).Fierce & raw can be described his sound on "White Knuckles / Rockin And Rollin" from his late '70s project G-Force.One of his 'non classic' tracks that has always been a personal favorite is "Ready For Love". The guitar work / tone here is fantastic in my opinion.He has covered blues classics like Elmore James "The Sky Is Crying" (featured as bonus on 'Still Got The Blues' remaster) and shared stages / recording studios with the best.Rest In Peace Gary01 - End Of The Worldfrom "Corridors Of Power" (remastered) - 198202 - Wild Fontier [12 Version]from "Wild Frontier 12 Maxi" - 198703 - Empty Rooms [Long Version]from "Empty Rooms CD single" - 198504 - Still Got The Bluesfrom "Still Got The Blues" (remastered) - 199005 - Falling In Love With You [Remix Instrumental]from "Corridors Of Power" (remastered) - 198206 - All Your Love [Live 7/7/1990]from "The Definitive Montreux Collection" - 200907 - Spanish Guitar [rare Instrumental]from "Rarities Bootleg" - Year unknown08 - Emerald [bonus track]from "After The War" (remastered) - 198809 - White Knuckles / Rockin' And Rollin'from "G-Force" (remastered) - 197910 - Devil In Her Heart [bonus track]from "Victims Of The Future" (remastered) - 198311 - The Messiah Will Come Againfrom "After The War" (remastered) - 198812 - Crying In The Shadowsfrom "Wild Frontier" (remastered) - 198713 - Ready For Lovefrom "After The War" (remastered) - 198814 - Parisienne Walkways [rare Live version]from "Empty Rooms single" - 198515 - The Sky Is Crying [bonus track]from "Still Got The Blues" (remastered) - 199016 - Rest In Peacefrom "Dirty Fingers" (remastered) - 1984Back Cover, CLICK HERE: GARY MOORE - The Sky Is Crying / NEW LINK 1e1e36bf2d


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