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Disaster Management Project Class 10 Cbse Pdf Free

"Odisha has a great community outreach system through which people are being reached on time. It now has a network of over 870 cyclone and flood shelters that can house 1000 people each. Over 450 cyclone shelters have maintenance committees where youth have been involved and trained for search and rescue, first aid medical attention, and for providing cyclone warnings," said Deepak Singh, lead disaster risk management specialist at the World Bank.

disaster management project class 10 cbse pdf free

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Apart from the decentralized governance institutional set-up, Odisha also has a disaster-specific institutional mechanism. It has established 16 district-level disaster management planning committees which reach out to 155 block-level disaster management planning committees and 22,000 village-level disaster management committees.

The state has raised 20 units of Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force (ODRAF) that comprises highly trained personnel with multi-disaster tackling capabilities. Equipped with 66 types of sophisticated equipment required for disaster management, including road clearing equipment, branch cutter, tree pruner, concrete cutter, RCC cutter, boat, inflatable tower light, generator, forklift, hydraulic rescue kit, collapse structure search & rescue (CSSR) kit, medical first responder (MFR) kit, ambulance, manikin, high discharge submersible pump, flexi tent, flexi water tank, mountaineering equipment, commando searchlight, diving equipment set, breathing apparatus with a gas mask and chemical cartridge, the force is well-trained in tackling floods, building collapses, cyclones, biological and nuclear disasters.

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