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T-Rex 3D Puzzle: A Fun and Educational Activity for Kids

You can control a 3D T-Rex that runs across a desert landscape, avoiding obstacles such as cacti and pterodactyls. Chrome Dinosaur Game 3D is a great way to kill some time and enjoy a nostalgic experience with a modern twist.

t rex 3d

We've partnered with Giant Screen Films to offer seven action-packed, natural history movie rentals for less than the price of popcorn. Proceeds from your rental go to support the museum's critical work.

Assemble your own 3D T-Rex! Create an extraordinary 3D cardboard puzzle by following the step-by-step instructions. Each piece is numbered to help in the assembly. Creates a 61 cm long 3D dinosaur. Helps develop manual dexterity, attention and concentration and spatial orientation. Contents: 82 pieces, instructions.

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What can you do with a 3D model? Models can be used for 3D printing in schools and provide new ways for the public to experience the Smithsonian through our online 3D Explorer (found at ). 3D data also gives researchers new ways to analyze collection objects. The paleontologists will use 3D models of the bones to help put the T. rex back together. The new dinosaur exhibit will open in 2019, and in the meantime, visit us at

You like Cults and you want to help us continue the adventure independently? Please note that we are a small team of 3 people, therefore it is very simple to support us to maintain the activity and create future developments. Here are 4 solutions accessible to all:

T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous is a 1998 American edutainment adventure film shot for the IMAX 3D format. The film is directed by Brett Leonard. Executive producer/co-writer Andrew Gellis and producers Antoine Compin and Charis Horton also make up the production team. Liz Stauber and Peter Horton star, alongside Kari Coleman, Tuck Milligan, and Laurie Murdoch. When a museum accident transports teenager Ally Hayden on an adventure back in time, she explores the terrain and territory of life-sized dinosaurs, even during a nose-to-nose encounter with a female Tyrannosaurus. The film is among the few IMAX films that are considered "pure entertainment", though it still is considered rather educational by the mainstream audience.

16-year-old Ally Hayden is the daughter of Dr. Donald Hayden, a world-famous paleontologist and museum curator. She loves dinosaurs and longs to be able to accompany him to one of the nearby paleontological digs, but her father thinks this is too dangerous and she has to settle for giving museum tours instead.

A mysterious accident at the lab revolving an oblong fossil egg happens while Ally's father is away at a dig site with his assistant, and Ally is magically transported back in time. Among the various time periods she visits are the Late Cretaceous, when the Tyrannosaurus rex and Pteranodon existed. Ally is also transported to the early 20th century where she meets renowned historical figures in the world of paleontology. These include dinosaur painter Charles Knight and Barnum Brown, arguably one of the most famous paleontologists in early fossil-hunting history.

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The shining moment of her trip to the past, however, is when Ally discovers a Tyrannosaurus rex nest (with up to five eggs) and then defends the nest from an Ornithomimus, earning the mother T. rex's respect to the point where Ally actually strokes the mother T. rex (and befriends her). That is, before the meteoroid (at the end of the Cretaceous Period) impacts Earth, blasting Ally back into the present day. There, she is reunited with her father. As they leave the museum, the fossil egg begins to shake and, with only the museum kitten watching, it hatches into a living dinosaur egg and breaks apart, revealing a still living baby Tyrannosaurus.

Principal photography began on September 22, 1997, on location at Dinosaur Provincial Park in the Badlands region of Alberta, Canada, and near the town of Brooks. Filming began by capturing the scenes in which Ally Hayden time-travels back to the turn of the century to go on expedition with famous bone-hunter Barnum Brown.

Filming continued for two weeks on location in Dinosaur Provincial Park. Yet the filmmakers faced a challenge in finding a realistic environment to set the live-action filming portion for the Cretaceous period sequences when Ally finds herself wandering amidst the lush vegetation of 66 million years ago. The location used to film Cretaceous period scenes in the end was in the Olympia rain forest in upper Washington state.

Besides shooting locations, extensive computer-generated imagery was also employed to ensure the realism of the dinosaurs depicted in the film. Models had to be sculpted and digitized, with details such as texturing crucial to the process. The filmmakers of the next year's television documentary series Walking with Dinosaurs also faced similar challenges.

Can you share your printed T-Rex Skull to me? Today, we printed T-Rex without using support and you can see the printed pictures as below. But next time, we want to try print T-Rex by printing support whether it is better and better.

The skull is probably harder than the jaw as there is no ideal way to print it. As I printed the skull half the size of the original the teeth became very delicate so it had to be handled with care. I would suggest if you use supports to set the density of the support to the lowest possible, meaning it is easier to remove. If you chose to print the skull upright then be careful as the teeth may be pulled of when the support is removed. If you chose to print the should upside down then the teeth have a better chance of staying in place, but the top of the skull will not have the smooth feel like the other did.

As you can see with the picture, it needs a bit of work to remove the string pieces, but it is hard to remove without snapping the teeth. I would advise, if anyone is interested, that it is printed at the size it is originally or bigger to prevent running into the same problems that I did.image_59.jpeg960720 137 KB

Thanks for your messages. Sorry for letting you misunderstand it. I am pleased, so I want to try to print it under support and see the printing effect:) Waiting for your printed result. Have a good day.

We also printed the size at half without support. The teeth is not perfect that we have thought. You can check the picture as below. Yes, we printed more than 13 hours at the original size skull. Thanks so much for your sharing and suggestions. We will try to print it again with support:)IMG_4627.JPG1280960 188 KB

This Christmas season we wanted to do something different. Hence, we've created ugly 3-D Christmas sweaters. And what's uglier? A Stuffed T-Rex. Yes, we've made an ugly 3-D stuffed T-Rex Christmas sweater, and it'll make any person who wears it over the holidays feel as tipsy as one of Santa's elves who's worked too many hours in the toy workshop at the North Pole.

Fans of dinosaurs or the Jurassic Park franchise will love this super fun 3D T-Rex Plushie Ugly Christmas sweater when it comes time to find your truly crazy, one-of-a-kind, ugly Christmas sweater. Featuring a dino bursting out of the chest and the back, this 3-D ugly Christmas sweater is a fun way to draw attention to yourself at your next Christmas party or friends and family get together.

I received only one of the two sweaters I ordered. Customer service said they would send the second one ASAP. A week later, I called to follow up and they have no record of that first call. They seemed annoyed and drunk, slurred their words and questioned why I didn't call earlier. Sweater is cute but not for the hassle.

We love the holiday season. And what's more to love than an Ugly Christmas Sweater? Whether you're attending an Ugly Sweater Contest or just going to your family Christmas dinner, you should definitely check out our wide variety of sweaters to choose from. We create original designs for everyone.

Our fun Dinosaur Shaped Party Plates will help create the perfect Dinosaur themed party. With stunning rose gold detailing you will be sure to delight your guests. Your birthday party wishes are bound to come true as everyone invited will love these Dinosaur plates. They're the perfect addition to any dinosaur themed celebration.

Every one of these paper plates has the shape of a dinosaur set on a backdrop of mountains and volcanos in shades of black and grey . With co-ordinating products in this range such as napkins, cups, party bags and more, you can lay the perfect Dinosaur party table setting. Features - Pack of 8 shaped plates in with rose gold detailing. Each plate measures: 32cm x 23cm. Pack size: W330mm x D25mm x H250mm

Our ranges have been designed to cater to each stage of party organisation; from invitation, to post-party, there is enough material to ensure that everyphase is covered. All of these are designed by our team in-house, and these have already proved popular with many retailers with sales spanning the UK, EU and US.

A few weeks ago, we reported on a design competition that was being held by MakerBot. They requested that designers download their T-Rex skull model, remix it and then submit their entries for a chance to win one of several great prizes. Entries had to be submitted by May 13th to qualify.

MakerBot originally released the entire T-Rex skeleton for educational purposes. The entire skeleton is a scaled down version of the real T-Rex that is currently located in a museum. It features all of the details that the original does. Thingiverse user spope, decided to continue this theme, by adding muscle tissue to the skeleton. What he came up with is tremendous.


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