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Ditari I Ana Frank Pdf !LINK!

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the diary of anne frank is a true story of a teenage girl, anne frank, who wrote a diary in hiding during the german occupation of the netherlands in world war ii. the diary was discovered after the war, translated into english, and published in the united states in 1947.

its publication caused a sensation. within three months, a million copies were sold, and it has remained in print ever since. the diary of anne frank is a non-fiction account of the life of an ordinary girl.

on february 6, 1942, anne frank, her father and sister went into hiding in an annex of the house where the franks had lived in a secret annex in the attic. on june 12, 1942, anne wrote her first entry in her diary:

today, i am writing my first diary. i don't know what i will write about but i'm certain it will be about me. after all, that is what diaries are for. they are not written to glorify the writer, but to preserve his own thoughts. anne frank's diary is an autobiography of the early days of the second world war, and as such is a unique document of the reality of life in a major european city during the early years of the war. the diary was written by anne in german, but she added translations into dutch and english.

anne frank was born on july 12, 1929, and when she was ten years old she moved with her family to the netherlands. her father otto, a businessman, had moved his entire family to a new house in order to help them to avoid problems with the nazis. during the german occupation of the netherlands, they hid anne in an attic in the back of the building, where they lived for two years. during those two years, anne and her family suffered in many ways, but they always tried to keep their spirits up. the franks were eventually discovered in august 1944. otto and his wife were sent to a concentration camp, where they were killed. anne, her sister margot and her mother were all sent to the bergen-belsen concentration camp. on the night of april 13, 1945, the nazis evacuated the camp, leaving it to the allies. a week later, on april 21, 1945, the allies liberated bergen-belsen. but they found only the skeletal remains of the skeletal remains of anne, margot and their mother. 3d9ccd7d82


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